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Creating connections with real benefit to improve daily life - today and in the future

The Bosch IoT manifesto

We believe that connectivity is more than just technology. It’s part of our lives. It improves mobility, shapes the cities of the future, and makes homes smarter, industries connected, and healthcare more efficient. In every sphere, Bosch is working towards a connected world.
A world that opens up possibilities no one could ever have imagined.
So let’s go beyond building connected devices. Let’s build connections with real benefit – around the world, across the web, within the cloud. Let’s connect founders with funders, dreamers with doers, parts with the whole. Let’s link the virtual and the physical and leave a lasting trace in our world. Let’s be Simply.Connected.

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Bosch's Sensorchestra

Can you hear the connections? Without sensors, there would be no internet of things (IoT). By enabling communication between appliances, devices, cars and more, tiny sensors synchronize the world, simply connecting it for the better. As more and more objects join in, a harmonious symphony results: the SENSORCHESTRA presented by Bosch. A surprising, delightful experience that makes the power and potential of connectivity audible to people worldwide.