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The wave of the future

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Over the course of their service life, Bosch power tools will be used on different construction sites. It’s not unusual for tools to get mislaid or lost. Finding them becomes a matter of luck. So Bosch came up with a perfect solution in the form of TrackMyTools, a smart inventory management system.

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The image shows a man using the Bosch TrackMyTools App.
The image shows ta man sitting at his tacks checking the TrackMyTools app.
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The image shows a man with protective gear drilling a hole.


GBH 12-52 D 12-kg hammer drill. Extreme drilling challenges are child's play for this little powerhouse.

The image shows a man using a drill hammer.


BGH 36 VF-Li Plus cordless power drillThe cordless power drill works fast while offering complete control.

The image shows a man chanigng a tyre.


GDS 18 V-EC 250 cordless impact wrenchWether

Image 1

Straight and true

GKS 55+ GCE hand-held circular saw.Motor brake and soft start ensure safe sawing operation and greater ease of use.


Bosch TrackMyTools provides you with a current overview of your tools at any time. Organize your work efficently − and save time and money.

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